Piano Festival

March 20, 2022 ~ Online

Registration Deadline: February 1, 2022

Sponsored by Middlesex/New London Music Teachers Association

Video recording guidelines

  1. The recording can be made any time between Dec 1, 2021 and  March 20, 2022 with the iPhone, IPad, Android or video camera. Horizontal setting is preferred.

2. Choose a well lit setting to make your video.  Make sure that your acoustic instrument is in tune.

3.Both pieces will have to be recorded in one take. Every entry(solo or duet) submits only one video link per category.

4.Position your device so the face, arms, hands and feet of the student are clearly visible from the side view.

5. Plan to wear recital attire. Shoes must be worn.

6. At the beginning of your performance state your name and titles/composers of your pieces. Bow before and after the performance.

7. Upload the video to YouTube.com, make sure that your video is not marked”made for kids” otherwise we will not be able to make  recital group playlists. All videos must have unlisted setting. You may choose to turn off the comments for your video. Label your video with student’s  syllabus Level ( for example, P3 or EI 2), and first and last name. Submitted videos will be grouped by level  and sent to judges as playlists. The links to playlists will be shared with teachers as well, only persons with the links will be able to view the videos. The video  links must be submitted no later than March 20, 2022.

8.Edited video recordings  and recordings that do not adhere the guidelines above will not be accepted.

Announcing the annual New London Piano Festival, presented by the Middlesex/New London Chapter of CSMTA! This exciting festival involves solo piano playing at all levels, and piano duets at all levels. Students will perform in short programs with a total of about eight in each program, and will receive evaluations from two judges.

The goals of the New London Piano Festival are to provide students the opportunity to perform in a non-competitive setting and to allow students to hear performances by other young piano players studying at their own level. The festival will encourage ongoing study by providing recognition for achievement at each level of musical progress.

Further incentives to students to develop their skills are outlined in the Gold Cup program. Young pianists will realize they are part of a community of musicians and will develop the sense that they are part of a larger musical experience. This will translate into a feeling of belonging, and nurture their desires to embrace and improve their skills.